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Rough emulation of Resurrection (Windows+Arena)

The Resurrection chess computer hosts standard UCI engines, and we are able to run those using GUIs such as Arena.
To get a rough emulation, we basically need to reduce the speed of the engine (and set the hash size accordingly to the chess computer RAM value, so 12Mb).
I achieve this using BES, and setting the engine this way:
- let's take Resurrection Ruffian 2.1.0 as an example
- in Arena's engine details window, instead of setting the .exe file (such as Ruffian_210.exe) in the command line, set a command file such as: Ruffian2.1.0\resurrection_ruffian.cmd
- resurrection_ruffian.cmd would look like:
start [your_path_to_BES]\Bes.exe "[your_path_to_engines]\Ruffian 2.1.0\Ruffian_210.exe" 99.3;100 -m --disallow-multi --watch-multi --add
- first line runs BES, with instruction to watch for Ruffian_210.exe; pause it 99.3% of CPU time it uses, control being made each 100 milli-seconds; to run minimized (-m); not to run multiple instances of itself (--disallow-multi) so re-use an existing BES process if any; watch multiple targets (--watch-multi, useful if you want to run a tournament facing two Resurrection programs); and add (or update, --add) the provided setting to the current BES process.
- second line simply launches "as usual" the UCI engine from current directory (Arena already switched the process context to it, before running the .cmd file)

Example run with two "Resurrection" emulations fighting, and BES window opened to show the result (please note the low nps and reached depth):

Of course, it is not as simple as that... you need to tune the throttle.
99.3% is only valid on my own hardware, and using one single core for each engine...
We need a reference. We do have, using Fruit 2.1 and our beloved wiki:

R7/3p3p/8/3P2P1/3k4/1p5p/1P1NKP1P/7q w - - 0 1
Fruit 2.1, Resurrection V2.06 , 12 MB hash: 1.g6 in 228 sec, depth = 8
So I need to get close to 228s elapsed time to display g6 as preferred move, let's try different CPU throttle values:
-99,8% --> >300s
-99,7% --> 4kn/s >300s
-99,5% --> 8kn/s 290s
-99,4% --> 9kn/s 249s +9%
-99,3% --> 10,5kn/s 212s -7%

BES can't manage smaller steps than 0.1% CPU, so closest result is 212s, slightly faster by 7% than original chess computer, using -99,3% CPU throttling.

r5k1/pp2p1bp/6p1/n1p1P3/2qP1NP1/2PQB3/P5PP/R4K2 b - - 0 1
Fruit 2.1, Resurrection V2.06, 12 MB Hash: 1. ..g5 in 2480 sec, depth = 10
let's check our best approaching throttling
-99,3% --> 10kn/s 2307s -7%
a consistent result... and 7% speed variation would not lead to any sensitive shift in playing skill (roughly 6 theoretical points as far as Elo is concerned )

Note: BES only manages 0.1% steps from 99% to 99.9%, so using my hardware I could not emulate higher performance hardware such as Resurrection II - would have required throttling like -97 or -98%, and 1% step is definitly not accurate enough to achieve a satisfying result. Should your own hardware be powerful enough, you might be able to (assuming reference timing is available).

Have fun,
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