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Counterfeit ICs


For those who repair chess computers it is becoming increasingly difficult to find certain old integrated circuits. Although I'm using the new WDC 65C02 (at 14MHz) for repairs, I decided some time ago to buy a lot of 5 65C02 at 10MHz. They arrived yesterday, after two months. Well... they're fakes. With the tests that I've done and comparing details of the package with others I have, I think they're R65C02P4 (4MHz) re-marked with the reference 'WDC W65C02S8P-10' (10MHz)

The truth is that I was not surprised... is what I expected, but I wanted to try! because modern WDC is not always easy to adapt in older computers.

Well... In order that another incautious person does not fall into the trap, this is the seller:

And this is the counterfeit 65C02:

Gerardo M. (aka Berger)
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