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Alt 17.11.2016, 14:10
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I have to mention by the way, that a real working frequency for TurboKing and Simultano is 2,5 Mhz and not 5 - because its generated through NEC uPD78310/312 onboard controller (that 64-pin monster near 6502 cpu).
Are you sure about this? I have empirically checked, on my TurboKing, that the system clock signal on pin37 of 6502 is 5Mhz.

BTW, this computer is great! I had no idea of its existence. Thank you very much for sharing all this information. I will follow your progress closely...

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Alt 05.08.2019, 22:34
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I know this thread is nearly 3 years orl... but I have seen this machine in CB-Emu for the first time and don't know anything about it.

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Playing levels: 3-5-10-15-30-45-60-90-120-150 minutes per 40 moves
Because it is a little difficult to read... I looked at the emulation in CB-Emu and saw it has 10 Playing Levels (Level 0 ...Level 9)

So it seems the levels are:

Level 0 = 40 Moven in 3 Minutes
Level 1 = 40 Moven in 5 Minutes
Level 2 = 40 Moven in 10 Minutes
Level 3 = 40 Moven in 15 Minutes
Level 4 = 40 Moven in 30 Minutes
Level 5 = 40 Moven in 45 Minutes
Level 6 = 40 Moven in 60 Minutes
Level 7 = 40 Moven in 90 Minutes
Level 8 = 40 Moven in 120 Minutes
Level 9 = 40 Moven in 150 Minutes

No Analysis Level

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Is there a source to get a manual (or a translation of the manual english or german) to see the other functions of this great machine?
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