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Alt 19.07.2023, 13:13
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AW: HIARCS Explorer Pro / Chess Explorer

Hallo zusammen,
die neue Version ist online ...
Key improvements include:

New HIARCS 15.2 engines with about 50 Elo strength improvement
Improved positional play, book and position learning
Improved handicap weaker levels with Set Elo, improved Elo simulation accuracy
Optional Fortress detection in analysis for Premium customers
New 2023 Local and engine opening books

New 2023 MasterBase23 database with over 575,000 high quality games

New support for Millennium eBoards
Analyse on a physical electronic chess board
Play games against the computer using the eBoard
Supports natural piece movement, sliding pieces, adjusting moves, exchanging pieces

Improved search functions
Improved quick search expressions
Faster searching and extra parameters
New negated quick search using !

Improved database, import and export capabilities
Import multiple databases at once
Detect more ChessBase symbols on CBH/CBV import
Improved support for ChessBase CTG books
Export improvements for PGN/EPUB/CSV/HTML/PDF
Improved support for ISO-8859-1 databases
Auto recovery of databases

Improved user interface features
Faster start up with many tabs open
Improved Player Explorer and opening reports
New evaluation and best move shortcut icons
Improved evaluation graph strength and quick click navigation
Extra book and tree views, view mulitple books and databases at once
Improved Analysis, caching and highlighting important lines
Improved Annotation of book lines and missed blunders
Click source and destination squares to move
Improved browsing of trees and games
Improved Game List sorting
Improved Live Game viewing
Optional store clock usage in engine match
Restore Play game opening and store clocks
Improved Puzzle mode, hides result and variations
Configurable diagram size for HTML/PDF
Show figurines in Endgame Tablebase navigation
Improved support for Windows scaling and dual monitor resolutions and scaling differences
Improved Print fonts and diagram sizes

Numerous other fixes and enhancements
This post may not be reproduced without prior written permission.
Copyright (c) 1967-2024. All rights reserved to make me feel special. :-)
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