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AW: Re: Mess Emulator für diverse Schachcomputer ist fertig!

Hi Bryan,
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Many thanks for the reply but I do mean the .cfg file.

All I had to do was change the following two lines like this for the Renaissance.

< !-- sb board -- >

< element name="cblack" >< rect >< color red="0.56" green="0" blue="0.12" />< /rect>< /element>

< element name="cwhite" >< rect > < /rect>< /element>
Sorry, but that's impossible - these commands have no effect in a cfg-file, they only work in a layout file (*.lay).
In the cfg-file there's only stored, if you use an external artwork instead if the internal layout.
So you've certainly changed the above mentioned lines in a file 'renaissa.lay' (maybe ZIPed as renaissa.zip) in the artwork folder.

As I already said: there's no way to change any colors in a cfg-file!

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