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AW: Re: Neues Kickstarter Projekt Chessnut

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Hi Kurt

Well at least Chessnut Air haven't wasted their 'Start Up' money employing Grandmaster Levon Aronian like ChessUp have. Why on earth would they think that by employing a Grandmaster more people will buy their products.

Just think how much money Kasparov has milked Saitek of endorsing their products. It certainly didn't tempt me.

I think that the ChessUp board is a very good idea. But you will still need someone to advise the beginner why a particular highlighted bad move actually is bad move.

Hi Bryan
I share your opinion about ChessUp. I just find it a pity when a video about a
new excellent chess board like Chessnut mainly demonstrates moves that are
so bad that even inexperienced chess players with few chess lessons have to
laugh. This is not a good advertisement to sell a serious product.
Kind regards

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