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Hello Egbert,
Whilst I still love the King Element what in your opinion would bring it to the standard of Hiarcs? Is it a speed or memory issue.

I must applaud you for a fantastic contribution your posts are so entertaining!

Thanks, Dan.
Many thanks to Dan for the very kind words,

I am also a great friend of the King and also of the Hiarcs Engine. I think you have to take into account that the core of the King program was programmed in 1998 (The King 2.61/Chessmaster 6000) and Hiarcs 14.1.2011. So Hiarcs has the much more up-to-date program structure and certainly also much more chess knowledge than the King in all areas. In addition, the hardware, primarily the memory (384 KB (320 KB Hash)) limits the King. Johan de Koning had later written much stronger and larger programs for the Chessmaster series, which cannot be implemented on Millenium's existing hardware due to lack of space.

Friendly greetings
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