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AW: Testing Horvath programmable feature settings

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Game 5: The funny thing is that the Challenge evaluates its position about -0.3 to -0.4 until 63... exf2. Probably a horizon effect?
Hi Paul, this is a much typical weakness... game 5 illustrates perfectly a comment I made on my webpage:
"and despite the H8 speed, its tactical ability is limited.
Analysis modus enables displaying the on-going evaluation; noting a late score impact from a position is not uncommon,
compared to its roughly same level computer opponent, displaying the impact a couple of half moves sooner.
This is especially true during endgame, the Challenge does not anticipate enough pawns running for promotion.
Some dedicated code is surely lacking in this area; in addition to a quite pronounced horizon effect at short time control."
And I am afraid tuning any setting would not solve this, the program does not seem to be much selective (unlike the Grenadier: you can largely have some drive on the variants it searchs, thru changing the evaluation function).
Kind regards,
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