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Testing Horvath programmable feature settings

Hi all,

A few weeks ago our French forum member Tibono posted on Hiarcs about his work on the programmable features of the Krypton/Systema Challenge.
As mentioned previously, I am also very interested in this Horvath program and used the setting "All feature-values 20" in two user tournaments, one with the CXG Sphinx Concerto, and one with the tuned Krypton Challenge.
I have been thinking about testing with different settings, and now Tibono comes up with a well motivated new setting. So I decided to go for a number of testgames.
With my "all features 20" setting I got reasonable results against the Saitek Turbo Advanced Trainer and the Simultano. So I think that with the right settings it might be well above the 1800 (active) elo. And I chose the Rebell 5.0 with elo 1872 as its first "victim" .
According to the Aktivschach_Elo_Liste_2017.pdf the Rebell played 23 games against the Challenge (+ 11,= 6,- 6). Let us see what happens...

NB: As Tibono's English is better than his German, I will do these posts in English, also taking account the possible USA followers.
NB2: I forgot to mention that all games are played at level 30 secs/move, unless otherwise mentioned.

Best regards,
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