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Ausrufezeichen Delivery for Resurrection Module

Chess Friends,

The Resurrection is now owned by 19 chess friends around the world. I want to indicate that this delivery is limited to only 25 pieces.
This will at this time also be limited in time. Many are interested, but are awaiting for various reasons.

I hope you can understand that it will not be feasible to deliver Resurrection for the rest of this year and maybe 2007 as well. That is why I will impose a time limitation on the project as well.

Any orders until the end of juli 2005 will be accepted. This off course only when the last six pieces have not yet been taken.

The stability of the module is ok, and all bugs have been removed, so the risk is only minimal. And in this way I can focus on new developments like the real graphical display and bluetooth uplink.

Manual and foto are enclosed.


Ruud Martin

Manual : http://home.wanadoo.nl/ruud.martin/Phoenix%20Chess%20Systems%20manual%201.0.htm

Foto : http://home.wanadoo.nl/ruud.martin/Plates.jpg

Ruud Martin

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