Thema: Idee: Novag Delta-1 code
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AW: Novag Delta-1 code


I just spotted another similarity which to my opinion is quite convincing, as it is about a visible feature (and a documented one, in either user's manuals for Delta-1, Boris and Boris Diplomat).

Not about the level setting being same, based on a timer - same indeed but quite unsignificant (used as well in Mike Johnson's Chess Champion Super System III, as an example).

It is about the intimate logical board update: the computer's last move is not updated unless the next player's move is entered. This is true regarding either both Boris or the Delta-1, and is quite an uncommon way to manage the board update. The user's manuals explain this in the part about taking back a wrong move. I personally don't know about any other device handling like that (please let me know, should I miss some).

I much doubt a that small, early and basic program would split board representation and chess engine, and the feature is quite structuring for both user interface and chess engine. So I stick to the idea the Delta-1 is a Lindsay based device (legal copyright or maybe not!).

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