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Re: MessChess und Arena - Fragen und Antworten


about Fidelity Voice Chess Challenger (vcc) & Advanced (uvc):

In my tournaments, MessChess often ended failing to enter moves correctly, due to too fast inputs while the computer was speaking.

Player-machine is not that affected, as one usually waits for the annoucements to complete, but in automated tournaments it was an issue.

As these are based on cc10 interface, it would not have been smart to delay the CC10 play because of the voice ones, and announcements get boring in automated tournaments - so my choice has been to add a 'Spk' key hit to shut their mouth, and this way it is no use to delay key hits - apart from the reset phase, where the devices talk a long welcome speech ending in level setting inquire.

By the way, I had to copy the vcc.lua into a carbon copy uvc.lua (it was lacking).

updated content for both (one line added at setting level start, one delay enlarged after reset):
-- license:BSD-3-Clause
-- copyright-holders:Sandro Ronco

interface = load_interface("cc10")

function interface.setlevel()
	send_input(":IN.1", 0x01, 1) -- spk
	if (interface.cur_level == nil or interface.cur_level == interface.level) then
	interface.cur_level = interface.level
	local lcd_num = { 0x06, 0x5b, 0x4f, 0x66, 0x6d, 0x7d, 0x07, 0x7f, 0x67, 0x76 }
		send_input(":IN.0", 0x02, 1) -- LV
	until machine:outputs():get_value("digit3") == lcd_num[interface.level]
	send_input(":IN.2", 0x01, 1) -- CL

function interface.setup_machine()
	interface.turn = true
	interface.invert = false
	send_input(":RESET", 0x01, 1)  -- RE
	send_input(":IN.2", 0x01, 1) -- CL

	interface.cur_level = 1

return interface
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