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AW: The King perf.plus Chess Link

Hallo Tobias,

Graham kann leider kein Deutsch, hat aber versucht deinen Post sich zu übersetzen und mir eine Antwort geschickt:
Hi Lars,

I'm not a member of SchachComputer and can't speak German, so can't reply directly to this post:
Hello Lars,

thanks for the link. I tried the driver on Certabo and it seems to run quite well and stably in Shredder. The big problem is that you can't run different boards in parallel on one installation at the moment, if I understand that correctly. I don't really want to play around with the PC on which I'm currently happy that the connection to the Revelation is stable. Graham wrote a manual for developers, now they just have to update their software. I don't know if there is any interest.

Have a look ;-)
I'm pleased to hear the feedback from Tobias. I suppose it's good that there are few comments as it probably means the drivers are working OK!

I have now contacted many of the GUI writers (Lucas Monk, Stefan Meyer-Kahlen, Martin Blume, ChessBase, ChessOK). Lucas has been the most helpful over the years and has already allowed parallel use of different boards in LucasChessR, you just need to change the Config screen to swap boards. Stefan has shown interest too so there is hope that he will change Shredder so that the menu says External board > DGT, Certabo, Millennium, UCB although he says he is busy at the moment with his new web page etc. Perhaps if enough people email him asking for this he can rush it through!

Graham ist aber im HIARCS-Foum aktiv. Sofern es geht, kannst du ihn auch darüber erreichen.

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