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Ray 12.01.2021 16:31

The flux strikes again!

Remember the flux issue on the King Element when it was first released? The circuit boards were not cleaned properly and during the long flights, the flux melted and caused short circuits on most if not all the units.

I had one of these problem units that I had purchased from Chess Niggemann and they quickly sent me a replacement. This replacement has been working without problems since 2018, but now has strangely started to show all the signs of the flux problem! It constantly beeps and switches from screen to screen.

I contacted Chess Niggemann and they told me to send the unit to them and then they will send it to

Well I thought, this is good but maybe I can speed things up a little so contacted Thomas Karkosch at Millennium and he suggested I return it to an address here in the UK and will arrange for a new King Element to be sent to me.

I don't have to send the faulty unit overseas from the UK to Germany and already have notification of a delivery date for the replacement!

This is excellent customer service.


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