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IvenGO 11.07.2016 09:47

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Hello, friends!

I would like to proudly present you russian chess computer from 1994 (see attached photos).

Its based on PC's programm Mirage by Vladimir Rybinkin - a participant of several WMCCCs and AEGON tournaments.

CPU: KP1810BM86 - a clone of Intel 8086
ROM: 8 x 2 = 16kb; RAM: 2 x 2 = 4kb
Pressing-sensory board and 4x7-segmental LCD

Playing levels: 3-5-10-15-30-45-60-90-120-150 minutes per 40 moves

Hope this one will be added to

Thanks for your attention!

Drahti 11.07.2016 10:08

Schachmattnüj kompjuter made in russian federation :) Very nice! Reminds me of some devices from gdr produced by robotron... EC1834 had same cpu. Sometimes there was even Siemens 8086 inside, despite of trade embargo...

It is said, the WM86 (BM86) stands for "we made 86" :D

Do you know the retail price in rouble?


IvenGO 11.07.2016 10:30

Hi, unfortunately the price isnt stated on device and in manual; also there's no info about opening library size.
Power supply: 9,5 V / 900mA
DEBYUT-m was produced in Moscow, and ELECTRONICA chess computers - in St.Peterburg (former Leningrad)

Drahti 11.07.2016 10:46

Hi Ivan,

thank you. The question was because "comparable" devices in gdr with U880 had a very high pricing, considerably exceeding an average monthly income... But, ah, I see that it is from 94, 10 years later... that can make a huge difference...


paulwise3 11.07.2016 11:32

Hi Ivan,

Nice computer ;). Can you estimate it's playing strength?

Regards, Paul

IvenGO 11.07.2016 13:23

Hi, I will run some test games this week against different computers. I played several blitz-5min games today myself and by the feeling its strength is close to Excalibur Grandmaster which I had faced past week... But we have to keep in mind that 8086 at 5Mhz has a perfomance of 6502 at only 2Mhz, so unit's hardware is quite weak...

By the way: which time control could be suggested according to DEBYUT's design of levels for so-called Active chess?

Unit's dimensions: 26x23x3,5 cm

Drahti 11.07.2016 13:39

level with 15 min per 40 moves would result in 22,5 s per move
level with 30 min per 40 moves would result in 45 s per move

I think that means average. To avoid disadvantage I would give it 30 minutes respective 45 seconds per move. :)

Solwac 11.07.2016 15:33


Zitat von IvenGO (Beitrag 59635)
But we have to keep in mind that 8086 at 5Mhz has a perfomance of 6502 at only 2Mhz, so unit's hardware is quite weak...

If the 8086 is running without hinderance, then I would estimate 5 MHz as slightly more than 4 MHz for a 6502.

IvenGO 11.07.2016 16:22

Hi, thanks for suggestion and info about CPUs; probably TurboKing will be the first opponent as the slowest computer in my small collection.

Sargon 11.07.2016 20:32

Hello Ivango ,

Very Interesting finding , i am looking forward to see the games
To mine opinion u found a treasure with this Chess Computer :top:

Now we have to wait when a Omikron Bogol 5.0 pops up :yummy:


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